"By the Bend in the River"

  • 'Round Midnight (Betty Carter), 1975, Roulette Jazz LC 0542
  • RCA Victor ARL 1 1698

    "Into the Night"

  • Columbia 2142

    "With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair"

  • Rendevous with Kenton, 1958, Capitol T-932
  • Harold Betters Takes Off, 1963, Gateway GLP-S-7004
  • Oslo (Bob Brookmeyer Quartet), 1987, Concord Jazz CCD-4312
  • Warm Evenings (Warren Vache), 1989, Concord Jazz CCD-4392
  • Just recently, I did a search for this title on the database "Worldcat" in "Firstsearch" and found more than 50 more recordings of this song. I am too lazy to type them all in...